Credit Consulting Group, LLC provides primary and post-secondary consumer credit education and training workshops and seminars.

The programs provide information and instruction in basic consumer credit development, credit dispute strategies, credit score enhancement techniques, personal identification protection, and other financial literacy topics.

Credit Consulting Group, LLC provides a unique combination of live workshops; seminars; online training; on demand classes, mentoring, personal and telephone consultations and information; and multimedia training materials and software. In addition, the company develops and sells educational resource materials and various software products for the consumer credit and small business credit client.

Credit Consulting Group, LLC was founded in 2002, and initially was a subsidiary of Griffin Consulting and Training, LLC (an entrepreneurial consulting and training business). At that time, it was known as Total Credit Education. In 2005 the company became an independent operation and changed its’ name to Credit Consulting Group, LLC. At present, the company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

As a small, local operation, Credit Consulting Group, LLC assisted over a thousand individuals in successfully disputing, correcting and enhancing their personal credit scores. After a few years, requests for help were coming from Louisiana, California, New York, Maine, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, etc., and CCG’s operations expanded accordingly. It was soon realized that no other ‘credit restoration’ company took the time to specifically review or developed the research necessary to personalize service to each consumer’s credit reports.

As a growing industry leader in credit and financial education, Credit Consulting Group, LLC is expanding its’ operations to assist credit consumers across the United States and around the world.

In addition, the company has developed financial literacy and money and credit management textbooks for middle and high school students.

The company is on track to give more than 24 workshops and seminars; and provide over 15,000 Michigan middle school textbooks by the end of 2010.

Credit Consulting Group, LLC ranking of A+ in customer service and satisfaction with the Better Business Bureau is testament to its’ success in attracting, serving and retaining clients. This positive and profitable trend shall soon make the company the highest-ranking organization of its’ kind in the world.

Disclaimer: Information included in this profile contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to actual client surveys and Better Business Bureau reports. These statements are based on current expectations and involve a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual results and performance of the Company to differ from expected future results or performance, expressed or implied, by the forward-looking statements. The Company has identified certain factors that could cause actual results to differ from current expectations, including operational uncertainties, uncertainties relating to economic issues and competition.